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If you are here looking for a Custom Graphic for your Album, Mix-tape, Display Picture for Facebook, Poster, Flyer, Banner, Logo, or Website; You have come to the right place.
[pullquote align=right] Please keep in mind that “you can not polish a turd” … [/pullquote]The Graphics Tab Above is a display of the quality that Mischievous Inc has to offer. All of our designs are crafted by Davey Poppiez also known as Knock Nitti. Not to mention ALL of the designs that you see on our website were created by him.
Please be descriptive when conveying your ideas. The value is in the details. Draft version of each design will be sent periodically to all clients for overview. This ensures accuracy by the designer and also creates an opportunity for the client to add suggestions during the finalization process.

Graphic Design Skillset

Feel free to cipher through and grasp an idea of how you want your design to be. The quality of your picture has to be at least half decent. If you do not have good quality pictures, it can be arranged for you to get the ones that WILL BE NEEDED to stand out as a Artist.
[skill progress=85]Graphic Design[/skill] [skill progress=75]Typography[/skill] [skill progress=70]Photography[/skill]

Photo Quality Standards

[toggle title=’Examples Of Image Quality Standard’ status=opened] The sole purpose of this image is to convey the quality standard expected from clients.
Photo Quality Check
Please only submit HIGH QUALITY images
[/toggle] ALL PAYMENTS will be made through Pay Pal. Upon delivery of Full Payment, you will get your Custom Graphic sent to you via E-Mail. Without Full Payment you will receive a Watermarked Copy until the payment is final. Thank You for choosing Mischievous Inc for your Custom Graphic.

Take Action

The best way to communicate would be to send a Friend Request and Like on our Mischievous Inc Official Fan Page. When you are ready to get started with your Custom Graphic, Please Message Davey Poppiez DIRECTLY on his Facebook Page.

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