How to Delete Ghost Followers On Instagram

How To Delete Ghost Followers On Instagram

On Instagram, Ghost Followers can be a real pain, lowering your engagement rate. Don’t you hate it when people choose to follow you on Instagram and never interact with you? Not one comment or even a like from them.

It may seem like you have many people interested in your uploads, but in reality how many do you think are active? Consider cleaning out your account to increase you follower to like ratio. This will determine how popular you are and will show you to recommended users.

It is possible to do this task manually. Some people don’t believe in automation.  My advice to them is periodically scroll down the list of people you follow and check for over active users.

These accounts are typically spamming one thing or another and should be easy to spot. Block and remove them. Below we will show you how to delete ghost followers on Instagram automatically!

What is an Instagram Ghost Follower?

A Ghost Follower is a mostly inactive account that will spam follow hundreds of people. Chances are you were attacked by one and as a result, inflated your following numbers by quite a few. These Ghosts are seeking attention but will not provide you with any in return. The origin of accounts like these are likely bots.

One individual controlling multiple users uploading the same picture promoting something. From this you can not benefit from. The best revenge it to destroy them. There are multiple ways of dealing with he situation so lets run by a few.

Why Ghost Followers Matter

Instagram has a few algorithms to determine many things automatically. These are not publicly known but someone who has been around long enough to discover them having an advantage.

Have you ever wondered how users get placed on the discover page? It is mainly because the majority of the users following them are interacting with their pictures.

This is known as behavior flow. The better the flow of interest from your page the more popular you seem. These blank followers are holding your ratio down stopping you from reaching that discovery page. Lets put it into perspective for you.

Lets say you have 100 people following and only 5 hit the like button on your new photo. This tells Instagram that either 95 didn’t care or missed it. Either way its bad news.

A good ratio is about 25% of interaction from the accounts following you. Them not caring may not be that case. You could have many Ghosts Following you. These rouge accounts can not harm you but are deceitful. As they can help grow your numbers but that’s just about it. Practically useless.

Learn how to Remove Ghost Followers

Removing these phantom accounts will only delay the inevitable. They may come back around and leach on to you again. Your best bet is to block them permanently. But how do you find them? Their are many applications that can help you out. We will list some below. Be careful with this strategy.

You might end up getting rid of real people who just haven’t been logging in lately. Its best to do this little by little to be on the safe side. If you are pressed for time it will be illogical to delete and block these ghosts one at a time. In case you do you can visit the phantom account and block it from there.

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