Mic Midi Incboy 4
[notice] Mic Midi is a Music Producer / Engineer / Artist at Mischievous Inc. He is what you could call a diamond in the ruff. The truest definition behind it. One of Bostons best underground producers by far to ever hit the keys. Bring him into any studio and watch the magic begin.
Specializing in a EDM style of music, Mic Midi has crafted himself into one of musics most unique engineering producers. Expanding his playing field throughout the industry has allowed Mic Midi to achieve success with his dedication to the art. Willing to take on multiple projects, and obsessively dedicated to his craft,  Mic Midi could be doing Hip Hop and EDM at the same time.

Artist Attributes

[skill progress=85]Engeneering[/skill] [skill progress=75]Audio Production[/skill] [/notice]

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