Mello Incboy Behind Fence
[notice] Who is CHRISTOPHER INCBOY MELLO one might ask? “I grew up in Boston, moved around Eastern Massachusetts throughout my life. Lived and hung out in areas such as Dorchester, Randolph, and Revere. As a young kid I was always interested in music. Its a way to free myself and just get away from it all…. I push hard to make music that people can relate to.”
Raised in Boston, based in California. Producer / Engineer. Studied Audio Production at the New England Institute of Art in Brookline Massachusetts. Co – Produced alongside with Mic Midi in the collaborative creation process of GHOAT’s two studio albums and various mixtapes.

Artist Attributes

[skill progress=80]Engeneering[/skill] [skill progress=75]Audio Production[/skill] [skill progress=70]Lyrics[/skill] [/notice]

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