knock nitti portrait
[notice] Boston ma, born and raised in the town of Dorchester. Growing up in one of the cities most notorious housing developments, he had learned at an early age that conditions of poverty fueled a desire to want a better life for his future. In 2006 he seen a friend creating Photoshop pictures on a computer using a program called Jasc Paintshop and was intrigued by the artwork he was watching. With always having passion for art and hip hop he decided to learn and teach himself.
Years later he would use this newly found technique to his advantage and capitalize on his craft. After studying Adobe Photoshop, he began creating Mixtape Covers and Flyers for local artists as well as his team. Learning how to market and brand himself he realized there is no limit to the success he can establish as an entrepreneur.

Artist Attributes

[skill progress=80]Graphic Design[/skill] [skill progress=73]Videography[/skill] [skill progress=70]Photography[/skill] [/notice]

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