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David “Menino Lee” Cole
[notice] David “Menino Lee” Cole, Boston MA . Artist at Mischievous Inc. Founder of Sucka Free. Raised in Boston’s Most Notorious Housing Development; Columbia Point. Farther lost in 1992. Influenced in music early on at a young age. Menino Lee is dedicated to his music and takes his craft serious.
David cole is an artist born FROM BOSTON MASS BORN in 1987.He grew up in a development called COLUMBIA POINT THAT LATER CHANGED ITS NAME TO HARBOR POINT where cole and his friends did music as kids.IN 97 COLE AND HIS MOTHER GOT EVICTED FROM BOSTON.Where they lived house to house shelter after shelter.Also cole went school to school 3 diff 4th grade teachers in 1 year.In 99 he moved to fallriver to settle in where he went to school for the remaining time.Father died in 92 so times was hard a mother of 4 and no fathers around.FALLRIVER WAS A GANGBANG CITY WHERE COLE ADAPTED AND BECAME A GD.In 04 cole went back to boston after being expelled from DURFEE HIGHSCHOOL.He enrolled in CHARLESTOWN HIGH SCHOOL WHICH HE WAS ATTENDING UNTIL HE GOT EXPELLED FROM THERE AS WELL.In 07 COLE WAS CHARGED WITH FIRST DEGREE MURDER AT 19 and PLED GUILTY TO 5 yrs.Came home 2012 and been doing music every since

Artist Attributes

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