Online Video Sessions

Mello Incboy Behind Fence
I am starting up online video sessions. $30 per hour and $20 per half hour.
The sessions consist of hands on face to face time with me.
I will help you learn how to use the programs that I use
to make some really cool beats and possibly some good money.
Hit me up. Serious Inquiries Only.
The sessions will require you to have a few programs like Pro Tools, Logic, FL Studios,
Ableton, or Reasons. You do not have to have all of them; at least FL studios to start.
I can help you aquire these programs if you do not have them. These programs
do cost money.
As with almost every audio application, you should have at least the following but are
not required:
An Audio Interface such as a product from Avid or other audio profile company.
(I use the Fast Track Pro by Avid.)
Midi Keyboard connected via USB on your computer.
(I use the CTK-2300 by Casio.)
– Microphone.
(I use the NT1-A by Rhode.)
– Headphones.
(I use the Inspirations by Monster.)
I have a voice coach who I work with as well.
At the same cost, she teaches you how to build your vocal capabilites.
If you are interested, leave me a comment below with your Name and E-mail so I can get back to you.

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